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Consider, for a moment, the attorneys you have known over the years. Do you have some in mind? Good. Now, think about how you would describe them. Smart, well educated? Probably. Detail oriented? Hopefully. Warm, compassionate, caring? Hmm, rather unlikely. Which brings us to a very important point: While plenty of attorneys practice estate and business planning, very few practice them like Fred Goldinov and Ilene McCauley, founders of Goldinov & McCauley, PLC.

A quick glance at their resumes will show that their educational and professional backgrounds ensure you an exceptional level of technical expertise. They have all the credentials, all the important letters after their names. Yet if you speak with them for just a few minutes, you will realize something equally important: their warmth, enthusiasm and empathetic natures guarantee you will also receive exemplary client service.

Of course, everybody says they provide great service-even the cable and phone companies. But how many people who say it, particularly professionals, actually back it up with, well, attentive service? Do they go out of their way to meet with you after regular office hours, on weekends, or at your home when needed? Or fly cross-country to speak with family members who live out of state? Or take your call when a family crisis develops?

Fred and Ilene will, and they do so, quite often. Perhaps this is why they are regularly invited to the most important, intimate events in their clients' lives: baptisms, confirmations, bar mitzvahs, weddings and anniversaries. And why clients typically work with them through successive generations. And why, in short, they become more like members of their clients' families rather than just trusted attorneys.

The bottom line is this: Fred and Ilene get results, and they get them through a highly personalized, human approach.

Fred Goldinov

Fred Goldinov

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