Employee Benefit Planning and ESOPS

What Benefits Can My Company Provide Me and My Family ?

You business can provide you and your family with a full range of benefits. These plans can include these and more:

Major Medical and Health Insurance
Prescription and Dental Plans
Disability Benefits
Death Benefits
Automobile and Travel Benefits
Cafeteria and FLEX Plans
Educational Benefits
Child Care Plans
Long Tem Care
Retirement Planning

Fred and Ilene will design these plans for you. Employee Benefit Plan design is complicated because these benefits are only available in certain business structures. They will set up the right business structure to give you the protection you need and the benefits you want.

A word about ESOPS. ESOPS are very specialized and very complicated employee benefit plans. They can, in the right situation, help the small business owner to get equity out of the business in a tax advantageous way. This planning helps greatly in the event of divorce, disability, retirement or because of the need for increased cash flow.

The ESOP Design Plan is implemented by very few law firms on behalf of their clients. It is rarely used because of the legal, administrative, and tax complexities involved. Fred and Ilene are pleased to offer this planning tool to you in the right situation.

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