Asset Protection

Scottsdale Asset Protection Attorney

As you know, there’s nothing easy about building a successful business. It takes time, sweat and, generally, a significant outlay of capital. In addition, for most business owners, the business represents their greatest single asset. Protecting your business is vital to ensuring your financial future and that of your loved ones. Unfortunately, many business owners fail to do so, and the results are catastrophic for the business entity itself and the family as a whole.

We have the experience and technical skills to expertly analyze your business and design a protection plan that is ideal for your particular situation. Incorporation, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships: These are but some of the strategies we can employ on your behalf. Ultimately, the goal is to give you complete control over how your business is managed while you are in charge, as well as when you decide to transition out it. Whether you want to sell your business to an independent party, to your employees themselves, or pass it on to members of your family, we will make sure you pay the least amount in taxes and receive the greatest possible return. In the case of selling or passing the business on to family members, we will also show you how to avoid the infighting and other pitfalls that often accompany family partnerships. This is particularly important for blended families, as well as families in which more than one person desires to run the business.

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