Business Feasibility Study
Business Feasibility Study

Scottsdale Business Succession Planning Attorney

You know it, we know it: There’s nothing easy about building and running a successful business. Exiting your business properly is no piece of cake either. Especially when you consider that your exit strategy can be every bit as important as your initial business plan in terms of the amount of money you ultimately earn from your business.

If you’ve been thinking about selling your business, or are in the process of selling it, chances are you have many questions, including:

  • How can I get the most from the sale of my business?

  • My loved one has passed away and we must sell the family business. How can I get the most from the sale and still protect my family and loved ones?

  • If I sell my business, can I keep my health insurance and other benefits?

  • My business has been on the market for months and there are no buyers. Do I have any options?

  • My accountant says, “Taxes will kill me” if I sell my business. Is this true?

  • Is it possible to sell my business and keep the real estate? I need the rental income to support my lifestyle.

At Goldinov & McCauley, PLC we have answers to these questions and many more. We will use our years of experience and in-depth knowledge of business succession planning to put together a thorough and effective Business Feasibility Study customized to address your unique needs and concerns. Our Business Feasibility Study will help you to successfully sell your business. We can show you ways to maximize your income stream after the sale and help you continue to live the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed; sell your business to current employees or partners, even if they do not currently have the capital necessary to purchase the business; keep your business in the family if you so choose, without undue financial sacrifice or familial disharmony; and many other options as well. Ultimately, we can help you reward yourself in retirement for all the hard work you put into building your business, and ensure your legacy for future generations. We have helped many business owners exit in style, and welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.

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