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Phoenix Tax Planning Attorneys

Few words in the English language inspire the anger and resentment of this one: Taxes. Not surprising, since most people have worked very hard for the success they’ve achieved and want to preserve as much of their hard earned wealth as possible. Fortunately, Goldinov & McCauley, PLC can lower and defer the taxes you pay, so more money is available for your business, your personal enjoyment, your loved ones and your legacy.

To put it simply, their approach to lowering your tax bill is comprehensive.  They use techniques and strategies which can enhance meeting the goals and objectives of your family while reducing your tax bite at the same time.   They enjoy describing the various strategies and tools that may be used for your particular situation.  Other lawyers like to use technical words and jargon such as:

                                  Private Annuities
                                  Installment Notes
                                  And many other alphabet soup concepts

Don’t worry about the alphabet soup noted above.  As teaching lawyers, Fred and Ilene love to explain legal terms in ways that people can easily understand.  They use stories, pictures and real life examples of how these concepts work and how they can be effectively applied to you and your family’s situation.  They know how to Keep It Simple!

You would be hard pressed to find a small, intimate law firm capable of providing the level of experience with and mastery of tax law provided by Goldinov & McCauley, PLC.

They may just help you overcome your dread of the word taxes.

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