Wealth Strategies

Your overall wealth is comprised of many different pieces: retirement plans, insurance policies, trusts, assets such as a house or a business, to name but a few. In a sense, it is like a jigsaw puzzle. And if the pieces are not put together in just the right way, the result is at best some gaping holes, at worst, a jumble of misaligned parts. In short, a mess.

At Goldinov & McCauley, we are dedicated to helping our clients put the pieces of their financial puzzle together seamlessly… no holes, no missed opportunities. To this end, we employ a wide range of sophisticated legal tools and strategies. We also employ a team approach. First, by forging a close relationship with you and your family, so that we gain a thorough understanding of your situation. Not just your financial situation, but also your outlook on life: your philosophy, your concerns, your values, and your hopes for the future.

Our collaborative approach doesn’t stop there, however. We will work closely with all of your existing representatives, fiduciaries, advisors, business partners, basically anyone whose opinion you value and respect. Over the years, we have seen that close collaboration is the best way to solve a client’s overall wealth management puzzle.

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