EP Update Express Program™

  (for Ilene L. McCauley’s clients only)

The most important part of our business is you. The feedback we get is that some of you are not coming into our office to make changes to your Foundation Estate Planning documents. You have said that even though you may have “Simple Changes” the process may take too long or may cost too much at the present time. As a result, your plan may not be meeting your needs.

A Simple Solution For Changes To Your Estate Plan!

Our solution is the EP UPDATE EXPRESS PROGRAM™. The program allows you to meet with a member of our staff to make basic changes to your Foundation Estate Planning documents, in a simple and cost effective way. Basic changes include change of the people that you have chosen to take care of you, as well as updating the documents for the new state and federal tax and trust law changes which happen every year. The EP UPDATE EXPRESS PROGRAM™ will save you time and money and keep you and your loved ones protected.

The cost for the EP UPDATE EXPRESS PROGRAM™ will be charged annually at a much reduced fee so that your documents can be updated each year. Even if you have no personal changes, you can rest assured that the tax and legal changes will still be taken care of. If you have major changes that need to be made, don’t worry! The EP UPDATE EXPRESS PROGRAM™ works for you too!

Remember our essential principles:
“Control your life...insure your destiny...protect your values!”

Together we can preserve these rights and create your legacy for you and for your posterity.

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