Asset Protection

Scottsdale Asset Protection Planning Lawyers

You’ve worked hard all your life to get where you are today. Now you want to protect as much of your wealth as possible for your enjoyment while you are alive, and the enjoyment of loved ones after you are gone.

Many families believe that the main threat to their assets comes from the IRS. Let’s face it, the IRS is not alone in its desire to get a piece of your hard-earned wealth. Any number of people may want to take assets away from you and the ones you love, as well as thwart your wishes with regard to how your money is used now and in the future. Examples include former spouses and their children, sons or daughters in law, former business associates, unscrupulous predators and creditors, and many more. Even some of the people you love the most may need to be protected from themselves, for instance, if they suffer from alcohol or drug dependency, or are too immature to handle a sizable amount of money on their own.

We can show you a number of ways to protect your assets for yourself and the people you love. We can also show you how to qualify for Medicaid and other sources of assistance in the event you or a loved one requires long-term health care—without spending down or giving up all the assets you’ve worked so hard to acquire.

It should be noted that the earlier you allow us to create an asset protection plan for you, the more options we have in protecting your wealth. The best time to begin is, well, yesterday.

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