Fred Goldinov

Fred Goldinov, Estate Planning Attorney

Fred is a principal of Goldinov & McCauley, PLC, a legal firm concentrating in wealth strategies planning. During his 40-year career as an attorney, his primary focus has been in estate planning and wealth transfer strategies, and has provided counsel to prosperous individuals, families, business owners, executives and professionals. He also provides asset protection and tax counsel to individuals and families who attain sudden wealth through initial public offerings, lottery winnings and inheritance. Fred is highly experienced and takes a compassionate approach to structuring effective estate plans for family members and persons with disabilities or special needs.

Mr. Goldinov has participated in and presented at discussion panels for the Tax section and Probate and Trust section of the State Bar of Arizona. He also assisted in the creation and passage of Arizona legislation to assist Arizona professionals in adding design options to their retirement plans. As an attorney, he works with great passion to educate families about estate and wealth transfer planning in understandable terms. He has mastered skills to help wealthholders gain the clarity, liberty and inspiration they need to make wise choices with their wealth.

Fred is passionate about giving back to the community. He has previously been involved as a volunteer with Hospice of the Valley, the American Red Cross, the Gladys Taylor McGeary Medical Foundation and the Greater Phoenix Chapter of the Arizona Lupus Foundation. Fred has been active in education in the professional community and delights in teaching and mentoring. He has been an instructor for the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, the American College's Chartered Life Underwriter program at Phoenix College, and Mesa Community College. He authored and has taught "Legal Problems of Aging" for Scottsdale Community College's adult education program.

Mr. Goldinov is a Fellow of the Esperti Peterson Institute for Advanced Estate Planning, a Senior Fellow for the Estate and Wealth Planning Strategies Institute at Michigan State University, an adjunct professor for the Academy of Multidisciplinary Practice, Inc., and has been a Laureate Circle Member of the Southern California Institute.

Fred has been a contributing author to three publications, Generations, Planning Your Legacy, Ways and Means, Maximizing the Value of Your Retirement Savings and What To Do When Your Spouse Dies. He has also been a reviewer for Conspectus Current, a national publication for legal, financial and accounting professionals on current and relevant issues in estate and wealth planning, as well as an editor of Don't Die Broke, Keeping What You Own.

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